Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vintage Original 1924 THE BOXCAR CHILDREN book

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This is NOT a Dick and Jane book, however it is a vintage collectible children's book that is too good and too scarce not to share it! ~ It is the EXTREMELY RARE and HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER.... vintage ORIGINAL book:

Written by: Gertrude Chandler Warner
Published by: Rand McNally and Company
Pictorial hard cover / 1st edition / 1st printing
Plus it has the ORIGINAL BOX, as issued by the publisher!
Book Condition: MINT / UNREAD / PRISTINE / G

You can read more information about the vintage Boxcar Children books (1924, 1942, and 1950), as well as purchase this book and other vintage children's books at:

I have a page on my website at, Tiny Town Books and Toys, of which explains some of the differences between the 1924, 1942, and 1950 editions of The Boxcar Children books. The 1924 edition by Rand McNally and Company has far more details and is even more interesting to read than the 1942 and 1950 editions published by Scott Foresman and Company. The 1924 edition is definitely my personal favorite of this classic and well-loved story! The details they give in that version makes everything so vivid to the mind. I had others read the different versions as well, and the 1924 edition was voted 1st choice, each time! It is the "Holy Grail" of all The Boxcar Children books! No book collection is complete without the 1924 edition of The Boxcar Children!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are you looking for rare and unique Christmas gift ideas for the vintage children's book collector in your your life?

When you give the gift of a rare book to the book collector in your life... you're really giving MUCH more than just a present! When the gift is something that the person truly treasures, it shows that you really put a lot of thought into the gift and that you are in-tune with this person's interest. That is one of the greatest gifts!!! They feel as though they must mean a lot to you, because you actually bought them something that truly reflects their interest and what they collect.

This Christmas... put some thought, love, and meaning into the gift you give. Collectibles, such as: The vintage original Dick and Jane Series books, The Boxcar Children books, and other vintage children's readers... are not only a collectible, but they are an investment too!

Vintage children's books also bring back special childhood memories for the person who read them as a child. It is also something that they can pass down and share with their children and grandchildren. This is a gift filled with meaning, thoughtfulness, love, and memories from their past. You can't buy that at any retail store!

This holiday... surprise your loved ones with a rare and hard-to-find collectible vintage children's book! You will fill their heart with love and the look on their face will be priceless!

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If you can't find the book your looking for, please feel free to email us with your request! We have more books in stock than what is currently listed and we do worldwide searches everyday!

We look forward to helping you make this Christmas extra special for the collector in your life!

Vintage 1964 Dick and Jane Series Teacher's Informational Booklet

The vintage 1964 original Dick and Jane Series Teacher's Informational booklet,
"Learning To Read and Liking It"
The story of how reading is taught with, The New Basic Readers, Sixties Edition,
Curriculum Foundation (Dick and Jane) Series.

By: Scott Foresman and Company

Soft cover, 31 pages, Measures approximately 8½" x 8¾". This book covers information from the Pre-Primer levels up through 3rd grade. There is information about some of the Dick and Jane authors, as well as many of the teaching materials and readers used in this series. Perfect for collectors! This booklet is in excellent condition with only a touch of light wear.

You can purchase this booklet at: Tiny Town Books and Toys

Friday, November 18, 2011


The New Basic Readers, Curriculum Foundation (Dick and Jane) Series by: Scott Foresman and Company. The inside front and back covers of the record binder tells you which books and what pages to follow along with using your Dick and Jane lesson plans. You can hear SPOT (the dog) bark and the characters come to life in these records. It is story-telling at its best from the 1950's eras. This is a 3 record set in a book-like binder. This record set is extremely rare!!! It is for use with the Dick and Jane pre-primer readers. The main reader it follows is: BEFORE WE READ (1951 edition). This record set is a must have for any serious Dick and Jane collector!
You can purchase this record set at Tiny Town Books and Toys

Vintage 1950's Dick and Jane Pre-Primer Blackout Game

If your looking for an extremely scarce vintage original Dick and Jane Series
item to give to the collector in your life this Christmas...... THIS IS IT!!!

The vintage original, 1950's Dick and Jane "BLACKOUT" Game

This game goes directly to the three 1950's Dick and Jane Pre-Primers:
The New We Come and Go
The New We Look and See,
The New We Work and Play

This game is complete with original box, game pieces and instruction booklet! There are eight game cards in four different color coded sets. There are several black square chips (game pieces), a spinner, the original instructions, and it comes with the original pictorial box! Also, as you can see in the pictures... the names of : Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot, Puff, and Tim, (Sally's teddy bear), are on these cards, as well as words from all three of the 1950's original Dick and Jane Pre-Primer Readers!
A must have for the serious Dick and Jane collector! Very few of these games survived over the years... especially in complete and near mint condition! You can purchase this game at, Tiny Town Books and Toys

Vintage 1951 Dick and Jane Original Phonetic Filmstrips to Readers

Here is a rare find for the die-hard collectors of the original Dick and Jane Series! These are the old school filmstrips with the original box and instructions.

1951 Filmstrips for Practice in Phonetic Skills

To accompany the: 1950's New Basic Readers, Curriculum Foundation Dick and Jane Series.
By: Scott Foresman and Company

This set comes with ALL four filmstrips and their original containers, plus the original box and instructional pamphlet.

The four filmstrips are:
1. Rhyme Time
2. Beginning Sounds
3. Letters and Sounds
4. Fun With Words

These filmstrips are used in conjunction with the Dick and Jane New Basic Readers pre-primer through the end of first grade, as well as on of the Reading For Independence Readers.

The books that these correlate with are as follows:

The New We Come and Go
The New We Look and See
The New We Work and Play

The New Fun With Dick and Jane
The New Our New Friends

We Three

These are all part of The New Basic Reading Program of The original Curriculum Foundation Dick and Jane Series of the 1950's. This set is in
excellent to Near Mint condition! It can be purchased from, Tiny Town Books and Toys

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where can you find vintage Dick and Jane and Boxcar Children Readers? At, Tiny Town Books and Toys

There have been so many times that I have heard people speak of books and toys from their past that they wish they had again. Not everyone knows of places where they can obtain these treasures from their past. Therefore, I wanted to share with you, a place where you can find the vintage original, Dick and Jane readers, as well as The Boxcar Children and several other series from your childhood. Tiny Town Books and Toys has much to offer when it comes to the rare and collectible readers from your past! The stock is always changing, and building! The items range from the 1800's to now. With emphasis being on the antique and vintage children's collectible items, especially the original Dick and Jane Series and The original Boxcar Children Series.

Not only will you find items for sale, but you will read about interesting facts about these old children's series. Thus, a resource site for those wishing to collect these items. If by chance you can't find what your looking for... no need to be disappointed. Tiny Town Books and Toys will take special book request. They do world-wide searches on a daily basis, implementing some of the best search techniques available. This results in finding some of the rarest collectible books and items! Items are also obtained through various estate sales, personal collections of people we encounter through our searches, thrift stores, collectors, the internet, and multiple other resources.

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