Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where can you find vintage Dick and Jane and Boxcar Children Readers? At, Tiny Town Books and Toys

There have been so many times that I have heard people speak of books and toys from their past that they wish they had again. Not everyone knows of places where they can obtain these treasures from their past. Therefore, I wanted to share with you, a place where you can find the vintage original, Dick and Jane readers, as well as The Boxcar Children and several other series from your childhood. Tiny Town Books and Toys has much to offer when it comes to the rare and collectible readers from your past! The stock is always changing, and building! The items range from the 1800's to now. With emphasis being on the antique and vintage children's collectible items, especially the original Dick and Jane Series and The original Boxcar Children Series.

Not only will you find items for sale, but you will read about interesting facts about these old children's series. Thus, a resource site for those wishing to collect these items. If by chance you can't find what your looking for... no need to be disappointed. Tiny Town Books and Toys will take special book request. They do world-wide searches on a daily basis, implementing some of the best search techniques available. This results in finding some of the rarest collectible books and items! Items are also obtained through various estate sales, personal collections of people we encounter through our searches, thrift stores, collectors, the internet, and multiple other resources.

Take a web visit to Tiny Town Books and Toys, and see if there is anything that interest you!

Vintage DICK and JANE Word, Phrase, and Picture Flash Cards

A lot of people LOVE the vintage Dick and Jane word and picture flash cards! The reason being is that there are so many fun and unique ideas that you can do with them!

Below is a list of some of those things that people have used them for:
  • Altered art crafts
  • Scrapbooks
  • Framed art
  • A child's room
  • A pediatrician's office
  • Daycares
  • Create personalized holiday cards
  • Gift wrap a package with them
  • ...and many other creative things!!!
Of course they are especially great for collecting and preserving these treasured vintage items in their original form. After all they are very rare and extremely collectible! Some of the most popular vintage flashcards are the: DICK AND JANE SERIES ALICE AND JERRY SERIES GINN BASIC READERS SERIES There are several other series as well.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The VERY FIRST Dick and Jane book!

Did you ever wonder what the very first Dick and Jane book was? Wonder no more... it is the 1930 Elson-Gray Basic Readers Pre-Primer! This was the very first book that the Dick and Jane characters were ever featured in.

This book was t
he one that started it all. Dick and Jane play active characters in this book. However their little (baby) sister, known today as Sally, was not named yet. In this book, she was still called Baby!

You know Spot the dog? Well, he was actually a Terrier in this book, of which, in the later editions he was changed to a Cocker Spaniel. As for Puff, the cat, she wasn't named yet. Sh
e was still called "Little Mew".

This book is a soft cover with beautiful illustrations throughout. The illustrator of this book is Miriam Story Hurford, of whom, is the very first original Dick and Jane artist! You will also find that the book cover has such wonderful and fine details. There is a vocabulary list in the back of the book. The Dick and Jane series continued to build upon each list of vocabulary words that extended throughout all of the books in this famous series.