Saturday, July 24, 2010

The VERY FIRST Dick and Jane book!

Did you ever wonder what the very first Dick and Jane book was? Wonder no more... it is the 1930 Elson-Gray Basic Readers Pre-Primer! This was the very first book that the Dick and Jane characters were ever featured in.

This book was t
he one that started it all. Dick and Jane play active characters in this book. However their little (baby) sister, known today as Sally, was not named yet. In this book, she was still called Baby!

You know Spot the dog? Well, he was actually a Terrier in this book, of which, in the later editions he was changed to a Cocker Spaniel. As for Puff, the cat, she wasn't named yet. Sh
e was still called "Little Mew".

This book is a soft cover with beautiful illustrations throughout. The illustrator of this book is Miriam Story Hurford, of whom, is the very first original Dick and Jane artist! You will also find that the book cover has such wonderful and fine details. There is a vocabulary list in the back of the book. The Dick and Jane series continued to build upon each list of vocabulary words that extended throughout all of the books in this famous series.

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