Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are you looking for rare and unique Christmas gift ideas for the vintage children's book collector in your your life?

When you give the gift of a rare book to the book collector in your life... you're really giving MUCH more than just a present! When the gift is something that the person truly treasures, it shows that you really put a lot of thought into the gift and that you are in-tune with this person's interest. That is one of the greatest gifts!!! They feel as though they must mean a lot to you, because you actually bought them something that truly reflects their interest and what they collect.

This Christmas... put some thought, love, and meaning into the gift you give. Collectibles, such as: The vintage original Dick and Jane Series books, The Boxcar Children books, and other vintage children's readers... are not only a collectible, but they are an investment too!

Vintage children's books also bring back special childhood memories for the person who read them as a child. It is also something that they can pass down and share with their children and grandchildren. This is a gift filled with meaning, thoughtfulness, love, and memories from their past. You can't buy that at any retail store!

This holiday... surprise your loved ones with a rare and hard-to-find collectible vintage children's book! You will fill their heart with love and the look on their face will be priceless!

Please check out some of the rare books we have for sale at: Tiny Town Books and Toys

If you can't find the book your looking for, please feel free to email us with your request! We have more books in stock than what is currently listed and we do worldwide searches everyday!

We look forward to helping you make this Christmas extra special for the collector in your life!

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