Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage 1951 Dick and Jane Original Phonetic Filmstrips to Readers

Here is a rare find for the die-hard collectors of the original Dick and Jane Series! These are the old school filmstrips with the original box and instructions.

1951 Filmstrips for Practice in Phonetic Skills

To accompany the: 1950's New Basic Readers, Curriculum Foundation Dick and Jane Series.
By: Scott Foresman and Company

This set comes with ALL four filmstrips and their original containers, plus the original box and instructional pamphlet.

The four filmstrips are:
1. Rhyme Time
2. Beginning Sounds
3. Letters and Sounds
4. Fun With Words

These filmstrips are used in conjunction with the Dick and Jane New Basic Readers pre-primer through the end of first grade, as well as on of the Reading For Independence Readers.

The books that these correlate with are as follows:

The New We Come and Go
The New We Look and See
The New We Work and Play

The New Fun With Dick and Jane
The New Our New Friends

We Three

These are all part of The New Basic Reading Program of The original Curriculum Foundation Dick and Jane Series of the 1950's. This set is in
excellent to Near Mint condition! It can be purchased from, Tiny Town Books and Toys

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