Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vintage Original 1924 THE BOXCAR CHILDREN book

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This is NOT a Dick and Jane book, however it is a vintage collectible children's book that is too good and too scarce not to share it! ~ It is the EXTREMELY RARE and HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER.... vintage ORIGINAL book:

Written by: Gertrude Chandler Warner
Published by: Rand McNally and Company
Pictorial hard cover / 1st edition / 1st printing
Plus it has the ORIGINAL BOX, as issued by the publisher!
Book Condition: MINT / UNREAD / PRISTINE / G

You can read more information about the vintage Boxcar Children books (1924, 1942, and 1950), as well as purchase this book and other vintage children's books at:

I have a page on my website at, Tiny Town Books and Toys, of which explains some of the differences between the 1924, 1942, and 1950 editions of The Boxcar Children books. The 1924 edition by Rand McNally and Company has far more details and is even more interesting to read than the 1942 and 1950 editions published by Scott Foresman and Company. The 1924 edition is definitely my personal favorite of this classic and well-loved story! The details they give in that version makes everything so vivid to the mind. I had others read the different versions as well, and the 1924 edition was voted 1st choice, each time! It is the "Holy Grail" of all The Boxcar Children books! No book collection is complete without the 1924 edition of The Boxcar Children!